OMG! You’ll Never Guess Who Selena Gomez’s New Make-Up Artist Is!

She's a celeb in her own right and we really wish she was our personal MUA too. Sob.

Selena Gomez Lottie Tomlinson

We see a new celebrity friendship forming because Selena Gomez has chosen her personal make-up artist for her tour and it’s none other than Lottie Tomlinson, AKA Louis Tomlinson’s little sis.

At only 17 she’s doing pretty well for herself too, picking up all her hair and beauty know-how during an internship with celebrity make-up artist Lou Teasdale.

hair by @choccysolo ????

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Make no mistake though, given her mad make-up skills and go-getting spirit we’ve no doubt she’ll quickly shake the label of being ‘just Louis’s little sister’ and make a name for herself in her own right. A quick snoop through her Instagram is all it takes to see just how talented she is; her signature looks consisting of bright, bold colours and quirky designs. With a sharp eye for detail, it’s easy to see why Selena would pick her to be her MUA.



?? #thecraft


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Lottie first met Selena back in December. “She was on the X Factor in the UK at the same time as [One Direction] were,” Lottie explained to Elle. “We met backstage. She came to Lou to ask her to do her hair. She had really long hair at the time, and it was getting all knotted up.

“So I was assisting Lou with her hair, and she asked for a make-up touch-up. I said, ‘Sure, I can do that!’ And she liked it, and we’re still in contact.”

We can’t wait to see her work her make-up magic on Selena’s tour.


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