Penneys Are Now Selling A €10 Version Of The StylPro Brush Cleaner

We reckon it's time to pick up a 'few bits'.

We all know the importance of keeping our makeup brushes spick and span. We dip those bad boys into cakes of bronzer and tubs of foundation everyday – not to mention on our faces where they pick up lots of lovely oil, dust and skin cells – so clean tools are a must to prevent breakout and make sure makeup can be slapped on properly.

But it’s a bit of pain in the behind, isn’t it? If you’ve ever endured the monotony of running your brushes under the bathroom sink with a dollop of fancy cleanser, and waiting for them to dry (why do they take so dang long?) you’ll be happy to hear that Penneys are now selling a brush cleaner that will make the process a whole lot easier.

€10 happy days!! Makeup lovers will pounce on this ???

Posted by Sligo Style on Friday, 15 June 2018

*Infomercial voice* To clean your brush, simply it into the gadget with a birra soap and water, turn her on and – voila! Your brushes will get a good whizz and be good to go in less time than it takes to GHD the oul gruaig.

If this is sounding a tad familiar to the ears, it may be because Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau (a.k.a the man behind the curved nail file) invented a product called the StylPro which also uses ‘innovative centrifugal spin technology’ to clean makeup brushes. The good news is, if you haven’t been able to justify forking out around €45 for the StylPro, Penneys’ version is just a tenner! We’ll say nothing…


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