Rihanna’s Fenty Has Been Praised For Using A Model With Facial Scars

The untouched images of the model were celebrated online.

Rihanna’s Fenty beauty brand has received praise since the day it was launched. From quality to shade range the brand is giving us exactly what we’ve been crying out for.  Then she launched her Savage X Fenty lingerie range which was praised for being inclusive of a wide range of sizes. Now she’s moved into fashion in a collaboration LVMH and she’s carrying that ethos of representation and diversity over to her clothing campaigns.

The latest campaign has garnered more praise for Riri and her new fashion line because they used a model with visible scars.

Model Aweng Chuol features in the campaign imagery and her scars almost become the focus in some of the shots. A welcome contrast to the heavy airbrushing and altering that once would have been the only acceptable option.

Fans of Fenty took to Twitter to celebrate the campaign.

For many women, imagery like this will help to create a better narrative around what beautiful means. For years perfection was assosiated with beauty but we’re finally starting to realise that there are many many different types.

Now all we need is for Rihanna to make her fashion line more inclusive for plus size people are we’ll have no choice but to make her president of the world.



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