Saoirse Ronan Says She’s ‘So Proud’ Of Ireland For Voting To Repeal The 8th

Our proudest export graces the cover of the new issue of Vogue, looking fab.

Saoirse Ronan is a national treasure. From starting off acting at the ripe old age of nine in The Clinic, to getting her third Oscar nomination this year for Lady Bird, we have followed her journey of success.

Now, she’s gracing the cover of US Vogue looking fresh faced and gorgeous.

Speaking to writer Sally Rooney in a coastal Dublin suburb, Saoirse provides a honest and insightful look into her life in Ireland during the accompanying interview. The first topic of choice is the abortion referendum in Ireland – the interview took place before the Yes result.

When asked if she feared backlash for speaking out about repealing the 8th Amendment, Saoirse said:

I just felt like that wasn’t important. I know people who had to travel abroad in order to get an abortion, and that’s when I knew I would speak out. I wouldn’t say I grew up politically minded, but the older I get, the more in touch I am with what activists are doing – and the more I want to help them.

Contacted by Vogue again after the landslide Yes vote, she said she was “so proud” to see family, friends, and people she “wouldn’t have expected” choose to give Irish women their rights.

While the actress lives in London a lot, she gushes over her one true home: Ireland.

I feel most at home and at peace when I’m in the country. Though I like being in London too. There’s an anonymity. You can disappear into the human flow.

The piece also describes her relationship with her family, especially her mam, and how Saoirse grew up without a peer group as she was always working. Her family, she reveals, were her main source of company and protection throughout the years and she finds it difficult still to not have her mam, Monica, on set with her.

Saoirse reveals she is a private person and she’s grateful that people generally respect her choices to only reveal some aspects of her life. She describes how she loves her work and can’t find the time to do anything else.

When I’m working, I can’t really do anything else. I can’t go out, I can’t meet up with anyone, I don’t read anything. Someone said to me, ‘You’re monogamous when it comes to your work,’ and it’s so true, “You can only commit to one thing at a time.

At the end of the interview, they wander through Dublin’s Hugh Lane Gallery, and Saoirse is asked if she lucky to have met her true calling in acting.

There’s something wonderful about doing the type of work that is a part of you because you can give it everything you’ve got. And it gives so much back to you as well.

As well as the cover and interview spread, Saoirse is also featured on Vogue’s popular YouTube segment, 73 Questions where she, of course, has tea with the interviewer:

In the video, Saoirse is relaxed and answers multiple questions on organisations close to her heart (ISPCC), her favourite funny movie (Bridesmaids) and her most over worn item (her Gucci trainers).

Ah, never change Saoirse!


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