See Ya Later Contouring! Colour Correction Is Your New Go-To Beauty Hack

Does your beauty routine need a revamp? Look no further, this genius new colour technique will transform your skin.


Clown contouring, and strobing are a thing of the past, girl. These days it’s all about the magic of colour correcting – but, er, what is it and why is your make-up kit about to resemble a five year old’s crayon collection?  Let’s get back to basics. Not to be confused with other contouring crazes, this profesh technique erases dark circles and redness for a more even complexion, using a whole colour wheel of shades to counteract a whole load of different skin problems.

Got purplish circles under your eyes? Easy, use a red or orange colour to get rid of the darkness. Red cheeks? A swipe of green concealer will fix it.  And that’s not all. Sickly, yellow undertones can be brightened up with a bit of purple or blue, and peach and yellow act as instant brighteners for dull, dark shadows. It’s that simple.

It may seem like a lot of extra work, but this method corrects things that your average foundation  just ain’t gonna cover. Don’t believe us?

Watch YouTube guru belladelune‘s colour-contouring how-to:

Still none the wiser? Here’s what colour basics you’ll need in your new kit:


Yellow primers and concealers neutralise purple and blue undertones in the skin, wave goodbye to dark circles under the eyes. Horray!


Maybelline Coverstick


Maybelline Colour Corrector Concealer, €5.34


Orange-based formulas are ideal for perking up olive and darker skin tones, which can become greyish in winter.  Think the end of freckles, sun spots and acne scars.



Giorgio Armani Master Corrector No 2, €32


Green is thee best to tone down redness. Apply in light layers for best effect.

Loreal Paris Anti redness primer


L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Colour Correcting Primer, €11.58


Lilac tinted products give skin a fresh glow and perk up yellow-toned or dull skin.



Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer in Balance, €10.99

By Jennifer Conway.