Simplify Your Skincare Regimen With Olay’s Daily Duo

STELLAR PROMOTION - Take the fuss out of skincare and achieve glowing skin with these hero products from Olay!

Nowadays, it’s easy to feel totally swamped with new skincare products. From lotions and creams, to serums and oils, the list of products for your beauty routine can seem ever-growing. Knowing what you should and shouldn’t include feels like a harder task than ever before.

Trust us, we know exactly how you feel.

And since we don’t have the time to be spending all morning and night in the bathroom figuring out which product goes on top of which, we’re loving Olay’s Daily Duo! It does the hard work for us, creating a skincare routine that just involves two nifty products.

Yep, it’s skincare simplified, with just two creams. There’s a red jar for the morning, and a purple jar for night – leaving you with hydrated, radiant, smooth and glowing skin 24 hours a day.

The Daily Duo is made up of Olay’s Regenerist or Regenerist Whip (which is a lightweight version with SPF 30), and a night cream – Olay Regenerist Retinol24 moisturiser, (the UK’s bestselling retinol product!)

As you might have heard, retinol is an absolute game changer when it comes to skincare. It’s a big buzz word in the beauty world – and for all the right reasons. Retinol works at lighting speed to reduce the visibility of wrinkles, sun damage and even skin tone. It’s certainly one to try out if you haven’t yet.

And in exciting news, we’re also very pleased to announce that Olay has joined us on board as the new sponsor of The Glow Up. From now on, beauty fans will also get to hear product reviews and result discussions centred around many of Olay’s products including their new Retinol24 range.

As always, season three of The Glow Up will be packed with many familiar faces, discussing their beauty must-haves, with STELLAR presenters Vicki Notaro and Valerie Loftus at the helm.

If you want to get your hands on Olay’s Daily Duo, you can purchase the products in stores nationwide, with 50% off the range in┬áDunnes Stores throughout November and December; a perfect reason to treat yo’self!

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