Skincare Junkie: I Tried IPL Laser Treatment At Renew Clinic

Cara Croke tries out unusual beauty treatments so you know what you're in for!

It’s been two weeks since I had my facial peel at Renew Clinic and now it’s time to get into the tough stuff.

The next step in my skincare journey was an IPL medical grade laser treatment, which sounds and looks a lot more intimidating than it is. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment consists of a high energy pulsed light being applied to the skin in quick bursts. It’s designed to treat and improve pigmentation and for skin rejuvenation.

Nicola at Renew recommended IPL treatment for me as I have redness due to acne scarring and rosacea, and also thread veins around my nose. She did warn me that the process would be a bit uncomfortable (aka sore), so I’m here to tell you exactly what it’s like.

Initially, Nicola cleansed my face and applied a cool gel substance all over. She then placed cotton pads and goggles over my eyes to protect from the laser light. Nicola said the pain from IPL has previously been described as similar to an elastic band snapping on your face, but the pain was nowhere near as bad as I thought. What I felt was a quick, hot sting, and although definitely uncomfortable, I wouldn’t describe it as very painful. The whole procedure lasted about 20 minutes and my skin felt perfectly fine after.

Here’s a nifty GIF I put together of myself during the treatment.

There are no real side effects from having the treatment done – no peeling or dryness. However, Nicola did advise me to not go to the gym for two days after to avoid my face over-heating. I can assure you, readers, there was absolute no issue there.

I’ll have to have the treatment done twice more (as well as two more peels) for maximum effect before any difference in my skin can be noticed. Keep an eye out for the next Skincare Junkie post to see how I get on!

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