Squad Ink! 7 Tattoo Ideas Perfect For You And Your BFF

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What better way to make a lasting friendship than with some gorgeous (and permanent) body art?

These tattoo ideas look great as a pair, but they’re stunning and subtle by themselves too, meaning you don’t always need to double up for your tatt to make sense.

Here are just seven we’d totally consider getting with our bestie…

1. These hearts, each with the same meaning but in a different style <3

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2. These delicate sunshines, for someone who brings light into your life.


I love you! @im.not.all.here_ #matchingtattoos #bestfriends

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3. And these teeny tiny half moons, which look gorgeous alongside one another.


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4. Never able to find a bobby pin when you need one? We have the solution.


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5. If you two are long-distance besties, this idea’s for you two.


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6. A pinky promise means forever, and so does this tatt.

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7. This idea is perfect for a group.


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