Claudia Winkleman Told Us The Secrets Behind Her Signature Look

"I like to look seriously orange."

Claudia Winkleman is a ray of sunshine whose dry wit and quick one-liners have made her one of the queens of Saturday night telly. Namely, as co-presenter on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. But it is not just this that makes her one of our admittedly many woman crushes. She has a trademark look, a beauty go-to, that just works for her. And we love to take inspiration from it.

Expect a fabulously glossy mane paired with heavily-lined eyes and a flawless nude lip. So who better to sit down and have a chat with for some excellent and no-nonsense beauty advice. Elle Gordon finds out just how she achieves that enviable mane, the importance of sleep as a beauty must-have and how in life we should never compare ourselves to anyone else… very wise Claudia.

What are your top three tips for shiny hair?
Drink lots of diet 7up (I’m not sure if this actually works), sleep a lot and definitely use Head and Shoulders Supreme!

We love your eye makeup…. What is your favourite eyeliner to use? Any tips for application… is there a specific knack to it?
My application is absolutely chronic. I’ve got seriously bad eyesight so I just slather it on. I completely love Lord and Berry kajal stick. It stays on forever. I don’t think I’ve ever taken my eyeliner off. Just stick more on. I know, horrifying. I’m also in love with everything by Charlotte Tilbury, that woman is a genius. Her eyeliner in midnight blue is edible. 

And how do you perfect that nude lip? Is there a trick to keep it in-place and stop it wearing off?
MAC Fleshpot is genuinely the best lipstick on the planet. I love it and it really stays on.

You always have a gorgeous glow what tan do you use?
There’s an amazing human called Sophia who spray tans me and I love her. She uses LA Tanning. I also use Lancôme Flash Bronzer when I remember. I like to look seriously orange though so I rub my face in mud or gravy too.

And have you any funny tanning stories to make us feel a little better about our own…shady horror stories?
So many. I mean, how long have you got? I often ask one of the kids to do my back. Can I strongly advise against this? Once my son aged 5 drew a tree on the back of my leg in fake tan moisturising cream. That was um, pretty special.

Colouring your hair even if going for a slightly darker shade can obviously take its toll on the condition…. why do you colour yours and how do you keep it looking so fabulous?
I have always had dark hair and then got really into vegetable dyes and then I just fancied a change so now it’s got blonde bits in. I took a photo of an 80’s Jon Bon Jovi to the hairdresser and simply asked “can you do this?” She was shocked and then solemnly said “yes”.

So when it comes to skincare are you very regimented or more of a face-wipe gal (we know we’re not supposed to but!!)…
I don’t do face care. I’m just too lazy and I love bed too much! I do love Eve Lom cleanser though in the shower in the morning. I love how my skin feels after and it lasts forever. But otherwise I’m quite useless.

What skincare do you love to use?
Eve Lom. I love Opium perfume, does that count? Please say yes. And I get very enthusiastic about toothpaste. Also there’s an Estee Lauder cream called Day something that’s green and knockout.

Social media can put unrealistic pressures on us all to have flawless, picture perfect skin…. If you’re having a bad-skin day (if ever that is,) how do you stop yourself from comparing?
Oh, I absolutely don’t compare. I love social media but they’re models, superstars, young enough to be my kids. The comparison game is deeply unhealthy – on anything. Best not to.

Any hair or makeup looks from through the years that you would rather forget?
SO many. But I basically found my weird look about 20 years ago and haven’t changed it. Orange face, black eyes, white lipstick, heavy fringe. Done.

Your best advice for feeling beautiful?
Lots of sleep and laughing with friends. And kissing.

We love your story about your Mum’s rule of no-mirrors in the house … can you explain for our readers who might not know her reasoning behind this?

My mum, a rather brilliant woman just wanted us to know that what you look like is genuinely the least interesting thing about you. She made us laugh and read and play games. It was never “oh, do you want to squeeze that spot love” or “go and check if that looks good in the mirror”. Mirrors just weren’t part of life. If you’ve ever seen me out you’ll absolutely know I haven’t checked a mirror first which is why I often look, well, quite odd, very ramshackle.

Do you implement this with your own children or what do you hope to teach them when it comes to their own body image and how they view themselves?
I want them to be happy and healthy and not worry about what they look like at all. I’m a bit strict when it comes to bedtime. Sleep is so important so if they sleep well and occasionally eat a carrot then I think we’re fine.

You must be proud of your amazing career but if you could talk to your younger self who might have been feeling insecure or unsure or all those uncertainties we can feel…. what would you say?
I’d tell her not to worry about it. I’d probably tell her to go to more lectures at University (I slept in a lot and missed some great speakers) and I’d tell her to not pour the whole bottle of Sun In in her hair when she was 15.

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