Stuck For Conditioner? This Hair Stylist Recommends Using NUTELLA

What a waste of perfectly delicious Nutella.

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If you’ve ever found yourself with some leftover Nutella (as if), we may have the solution, courtesy of hair stylist Abed Allahitani.

Rather than use a hair mask or a deep conditioning treatment on one of his recent clients who was getting ready to go for blonde to ash brown, Abed applied a mixture of Nutella and condensed milk. His aim? To nourish the hair and add shine, as well as – he says – deepening the hair’s natural colour.

While we imagine the whole mixture was all kinds of sticky, it’s no different to using egg, honey, beer or ketchup on the hair, all of which are tried-and-tested methods for adding gloss and body.

Here’s how Abed’s guinea pig got on:

What’s next, using coffee to tint your eyebrows? Oh wait, that’s already been done