Summer Fashion Trend Prediction: Ballerina Core

Come on, it's adorable!

The Pinterest girlies are screaming right now.

Ballerina core has been prancing about the fashion world for some time now, with elements of it poking around almost every genre of style. We think 2024 is the year that the ballet aesthetic will take over wardrobes everywhere… Come on! It’s adorable.

We get it… going full Swan Lake isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, however, this vibe doesn’t have to become your whole outfit but rather a way to style a basic fit and add a little flare.


Who knew that a pair of grey sweats could make for the prettiest attire? Josefine Vogt did! In this look, she couples her joggers with a white sports bra and brings the spice with a one-sleeved black leotard and a messy half-updo. A true Pilates princess.


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Ballet Sleeves

Olivia Yang has the perfect way to implement the ballerina look into any outfit. A simple set of open front sleeves effortlessly adds elegance and class to any look.


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Ballerina Hair

A complete look isn’t all about fashion. You must master the finer details everywhere and that includes your hair. A good hairstyle is everything. Lily-Rose Depp is the blueprint for that effortless, ballet hairdo. Her slick back bun with the added blue scrunchy accessory has turned ballet core into one of 2024’s major fashion trends.


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Ballet Blouse

Sofia Boman is an expert when it comes to a style crossover. Here she has matched a pair of baggy, streetwear pants with the cutest ballet blouse and it is surprisingly a combo to die for. French kiss.


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Ribbon / Yoga Flares

Hutton Butler is all for the girly vibes. Of course, an all-out pink vibe speaks for itself, but the added detail of silk ribbon draping in her hair, and the yoga flares are giving, ‘brb I’m off to ballet practice.’ We are obsessed.


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Words by Shauna Whyte