We’re Looking Back At The Biggest Fashion Trends Of 2019

And will they be making it into 2020?

It’s been a weird and wonderful year for the world of fashion. We’ve seen the return of many a print and silhouette, along with the emergence of entirely new trends – like the tiny accessory trend, honestly, it’s adorable, but what is that all about!?

From the stylish to the strange, we are summing up and paying homage to all of the biggest trends that graced streets and Instagram squares around the globe, and predicting if they will survive their way into the new decade too.

Animal Print


This trend reared it’s wild head back in 2018, and in 2019 it absolutely lost the run of itself. From the classic leopard and cheetah prints all over the high street, the animal print trend exceeded it’s boundaries, with zebra, tiger and even cow print making its way onto the scene. We’re not so sure this trend will stick around for 2020, it’s had a fair run now for the last 2 or so years, and although we love it dearly, truly we do, but it might be time to hand it back to Kat Slater now *broken heart emoji*.

Cowboy Boots

One of the most unexpected fashion trends of 2019 was the emergence of the western boot, we’re blaming Lil Nas X and Billy Ray for this one. As much as we would love to hate this one we have to admit it’s kind of cool, and a trend we certainly see surviving the new decade.

The 90s Baguette Bag


This trend didn’t emerge it’s stylish head until much later on in the year, but it is making waves in the fashion world none the less. Just one scroll through Instagram will show you that the long 90s bag, otherwise known as the ‘baguette bag’ is back in style, and we reckon it’s here to stay, well for a little bit anyway. An honourable mention must also go to the tiny bag, (most recently sported by Lizzo at the AMA’s) which we know for certain won’t be surviving 2020, but it was good while it lasted.

Bucket Hats

Oh look, another 90s trend. Plain, patterned and logo’d, the bucket hat seems to have gone from strength to strength this year, and strangely enough, we can kind of see why. But, will it make it through 2020? We think not.



From Dr. Martens to red tartan, grunge is back and it ain’t going nowhere. Walk down any busy street and try to find someone not wearing a pair of Jadon docks, I dare ya. Former emos may rejoice because the trend even has its own category on Asos, so you know it means business.

Puff Sleeves


Minimalism? Don’t know her. Bold ruffles, jewel tones, and oversized silhouettes were absolutely everywhere in 2019. The ultimate way to add some oompfh to your look, we adore an 80s style sleeve and reckon they will be around until at least mid-summer.

Printed Midi Dress

And last but not least, we have the printed midi dress – who’s popularity was undeniable in 2019. I challenge you to attend any form of event or social setting and not spot at least 5 women in a bold midi dress of some form. We’re putting its success down to the sheer comfort it provides, while still maintaining a decent level of shtyle. Our crystal ball is predicting a long and happy future for the bold midi – so don’t even attempt to clear them from your wardrobe any time soon. Viva la midi!