The Humble Oversized Shirt Is Having A Fashion Moment Right Now And Here’s Why

Plus some styles we're currently loving


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Oversized shirts are a fashion trend as old as the hills. Coming back with a bang every few years, but always lurking in the background when they’re not plastered all over your Instagram feed, a simple shirt is a fool-proof way to look chic, and here’s why it’s having such a moment right now.

Circling back to the pandemic, ah yes, that little thing. Although we’re all eager to put it to the back of our minds asap, it’s still important to acknowledge that this once-in-a-lifetime event has changed… well everything. From the way we think to the way we socialise, no stone has been left unturned by the great Panny D.

This bleeds into the way we’re currently shopping and dress ourselves each morning too. You may have noticed an abundance of shirts all over the place – from your feed to the high-street. They’re literally everywhere at the minute, and that’s likely because we’re still craving some comfort.


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We might be eager to pack away the loungewear now that things are beginning to reopen again, but we’re not that hell-set on giving up our comfort altogether. We’ve spent the best part of a year in elasticated trousers and cosy jumpers, so hopping back into restrictive clothing isn’t top on our priority list right now (unless you’re a contestant on Love Island, how do those gals do it?!).

Right now we’re witnessing a buffer period as we transition from all-out cosiness back to our slightly more glam selves. The oversized shirt is the perfect bridge between that comfort and glamour, giving us the option to look and feel a little saucy without the full commitment of wearing our ‘i’m actually an adult’ clothes again.

As for styling it, you can throw it on with your favourite jeans and call it a (very stylish) day, or you can put a little more thought and time into the look and pair it with some Bermuda shorts and a vest top underneath.

Here are some of our faves on the high street to whet your appetite.

Cotton shirt – €25

Pink Stripe Relaxed Fit Shirt – €30

Image 5 of POPLIN SHIRT from Zara


Oversized linen-blend shirt – €27.99

Oversize cotton shirt - Medium plane

Oversize cotton shirt – €39.99