The Kardashian-Jenner Sisters Spill All Their Beauty Secrets To Vogue

Finally we get to see the ins and outs of their beauty routines.

Arguably the most famous family on the planet, the Kardashian-Jenner clan will always have people interested in their lives. And when it’s anything to do with their beauty routines? We’re twice as interested.

As well their reality TV show, the sisters are also well known for their looks, inspiring an entire generation of young women who want to look like them. Whether you approve of this or not, it cannot be denied that they pack a serious punch in the beauty industry.

With Kendall a model, Kylie the billionaire beauty boss, Kim with her many business endeavours and Kourtney with her lifestyle brand Poosh, they are very involved in the beauty world.

So when Vogue got all the sisters involved for a mammoth beauty piece, we were excited. Finally we get to see the ins and outs of their beauty routines as well as any hacks we can learn ourselves.

Speaking to Vogue Kourtney said; “I’ll watch my sisters do makeup tutorials and I’m like, ‘We do makeup so differently.”

“I’m in awe of all of their techniques. Whenever Kylie does a makeup tutorial…I am so captivated.” Khloé added.

So get your notebook ready, we’ve got the best bits from the piece ready for you to try yourself at home.


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Kim shared that she struggles with psoriasis on her face, so moisturising directly before make-up is a key step for her.

Chatting about her eyebrows she shared that in high school Drew Barrymore was her ultimate inspiration, so this meant she had very thin 90’s girl brows. Now, she goes for a very different look as she shaped her brows with an Anastasia brow pencil.

Kim, of course, is all about the concealer, especially brightening the under eye area. To do this she used a technique called ‘baking’ that was brought into the mainstream by the Kardashians.


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Kourtney prefers more natural looking make-up, as she’s all about the glow, less about the contour.

She revealed that she hasn’t always worn SPF daily as she was “afraid of sunscreen” fearing it would break her out. Now she is more aware of the importance of it, she slathered it on, also using it on her hands which is a tip she got from her sister, Khloe.


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Khloe shared her most important tip, which is moisturising all the way down to the décolletage area, as “this is where we show our age.”

She also revealed that she has always taken really good care of her skin and that this is all because of her Mom, Kris Jenner. It seems Kris always instilled the importance of a great routine and that she has kept this up ever since.


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Just as we expected, Kylie was all about creating a glam look as she went all out with a cut crease.

The beauty mogul revealed that she’s “always been really into make-up” and that she never thought her business would be as successful as it was. However, she shared how happy she is that she found her ‘own thing’ after Kendall started modelling and travelling the world.

The youngest in the Kardashian family, she said that she loved to watch her Mom get ready and used to steal her make-up.

Also, when she was younger and used to feel self-conscious about her lips, she used make-up to fake it, which is what inspired her infamous Lip Kits. She said she “turned to make-up to feel more confident” which we think everyone can relate to.


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Out of all the sisters, Kendall wears the least make-up, perhaps because she has to wear so much when working as a model.

She shared her everyday make-up routine in the video and said she doesn’t like wearing too much as she hates the feel of “cakey make-up.”

Revealing that when she was 14 she plucked her eyebrows into a thin line her sisters ” all yelled at me and threw away all the tweezers in the house” and she hasn’t touched them herself since, leaving it to the professionals

Watch the video in full below.


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