The Mugler x H&M Collection Is Dropping Tomorrow – And We Got A Sneak Peak

Take all of my money

Yes, you did read that correctly – Mugler is dropping a collaboration with H&M! 

We got a sneak peak at the collection before it goes live on May 11, and let’s just say you better prepare your bank accounts because this French fashion house’s collection is certainly not one to miss. 

The collection is true Mugler, each piece is defined by the irrepressible Mugler energy: playful, youthful, body-positive and complimenting each individual’s identity. 

Now, if you have not heard of Thierry Mugler, who sadly passed away in January 2022, I am sure you have seen one of his famous designs.


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Mugler was responsible for one of the most famous movie dresses of all time, the black cut-out gown that Demi Moore wears in Indecent Proposal. Or perhaps, you recognise his work from Kim Kardashian’s iconic wet look at the 2019 Met Gala. 

In the first Sex and the City movie, actress Kim Cattrall wore an archive yellow jacket by Mugler, which was originally from the autumn/winter 1988 collection. Her character, Samantha Jones, continued to wear a number of vintage Mugler designs over the years. 

Now that I have re-jogged your memory, let us delve into this jaw dropping collection. It features some Mugler classics such as lycra bodysuits and punk hardware, right down to some of the archived pieces such as Bowie’s lime-green suit.

Mugler is probably most famous for their iconic line work designs combining mesh and a black fabric. These low cutting and contouring lines are one of the brand’s most recognisable designs – and lucky for us they will be included in this collection. 

Mugler are notorious for keeping their designs predominantly black but when they chose to use colour it will always be something which catches your attention. This collection features colours such as lime green and royal blue and they are certainly not shy of a pop of neon.

In an interview with InStyle Australia, Casey Cadwallader, the new head of this French fashion house explained:

“I want people to feel strong and empowered in the collection. And free to be themselves, that’s something that’s very important to me – we tried to make the collection really broad so people could interpret the pieces in their own different ways and really shape them to their own identity. I see the collection as a very inclusive gesture. Mugler has always been about letting people in, and with this collaboration with H&M, we are throwing open the doors even wider.”

They added: “The collection contains a mix of contemporary icons – such as our catsuits, spiral jeans, and tailoring – alongside select remakes from the ’80s and ’90s, which I chose from the archive.

“I enjoy using key elements from it as starting points for new ideas, whether it’s the way Thierry Mugler used denim, or his interest in sculpting around the body, or playing with counter-cultural codes. Thierry will always be a huge influence on me and on the house – his vision is as relevant now as it ever was.”

Here are some of our favourite piecess from the upcoming collection:


Blue Mugler x H&M Dress – €149

Spiral Necklace – €99

Blue Silk Scarf – €39.99



Mugler x H&M Jeans-  €149



Pink Dress – €79,99


Pink metal hardware blazer – €299

This collection is certainly set to take the fashion world by storm… along with out bank accounts.

The Mugler x H&M collection will be available at and in Ireland’s flag ship College Green store on May 11.