The ‘TOAG’ Dress Is Set To Be Huge This Season, But What Is It?

It stands for 'throw on and go'

You know that one dress that you reach for time and time again? The one that you always get complimented on by your reply is ‘oh it’s so easy to wear, I just throw it on and I’m ready’, the one that can be styled with a pair of comfy sandals in summer and boots and tights in winter, well, that dress has a name now.

Introducing you to the ‘TOAG’ dress, the concept is nothing new, we just know what to call it now.

It’s those frumpy but stylish dresses, think giant tent, but make it fashion. The TOAG stands for throw on and go, and it’s set to be one of the biggest fashion trends this summer season.


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Taking WFH style into an entirely new arena, the TOAG dress brings you from bed to desk in 5 minutes flat. You can feel ready for action on your morning Zoom meeting, when you put in the bare minimum amount of effort. You can feel like a glamazon when you do your weekly shop, and you can feel light and breezy when you’re spending a sunny day reading in the garden.

The throw on dress has become a huge hit with many fashion brands, with so many of them now offering an array of different styles, colours, and prints for us to choose from. You could go maxi length or above the knee, you could get full tent or wear a belt to nip it in at the waist, you could keep it super simple with all black or you could go full prairie chic with florals and lace – what we’re trying to get at here is that there literally are no rules when it comes to the TOAG dress, all you need is a body and a dress and voila! Fashun.

Here are just a few of our favourite picks for you to start getting inspired.

Linen Puff Sleeve Midi Dress – & Other Stories – €99

Pink Check Organza Shirt Dress – Topshop – €68

Puff Sleeve Dress – Monki – €35

Asos Design denim prarie dress – Asos – €48.39

Dress With Cutwork Embroidery – Zara – €39.99

Balloon-Sleeved Cotton Dress – H&M – €34.99