These Are The Best Fashion Trends To Follow, Courtesy Of Our Favourite Scandi Influencers

With the explosive growth of Copenhagen Fashion Week (CFW), Scandi-fashion and brands like Ganni and Acne Studios, Scandinavian influencers are blowing up the fashion scene right now, and we are here for it! We all saw those videos of Emma Chamberlain at the Ganni CFW show with her dad last year – a collective awww please – and it made us fall in love with Denmark’s fashion even more.

Scandinavia comprises of 3 countries; Sweden, Norway and Denmark and up to recently, has been epitomised by their notoriously good-looking populations, minimal aesthetic and Viking heritage. No more! Now, these triplet nations are abounding the world with innovative fashion, sustainable practices and more style than we could have imaged. With that said, here is a run down of our top trends, inspired by our favourite Scandinavian fashion influencers.

Fabrics Over Colour 


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A post shared by Hanna Stefansson (@hannastefansson)

The style in Scandinavia is an eclectic melting pot of aesthetics but a dominant trend we see with Scandic-influencers is choosing fabrics over colour. Influencers are choosing to mix and match the likes of wool, leather, cotton and denim in similar colour palettes to create a more interesting look. In a recent Instagram post (above) Hanna Stefansson paired a woollen jumper with a nylon skirt and relaxed blazer in a neutral palette to create an intriguing look, showing you can keep to a neutral colour palette whilst still  creating a fun and versatile fit. If you’re not a rainbow queen, this may be the look for you!


Colour Blocking


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A post shared by NNENNA (@nnennaechem)

Next on the list we have @nnennaechem showing us just how to use contrasting blocks of colour to create a bold look that really shows off your sense of style. If you have lots of bright pieces in your wardrobe, this is just the way to show them some love. Embrace colour by wearing solid colours that contrast, like blue and green or yellow and purple. Having blocks of colour allows you to layer colours rather than trying to find pieces that all fit perfectly together. No ones wardrobe is seamless – there are clashing colours, patterns and styles, so stop hiding them away; dress your best everyday by wearing block colours.


Embrace Patterns


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A post shared by Emili Sindlev (@emilisindlev)

If you live for the drama, embracing bold patterns will be right up your street. Whilst most will assume that the Scandi-style is about beige in all it’s neutral glory, take a leaf out of Emili Sindlev‘s book and embrace the brighter side of life. From bold geometric patterns to blossoming florals, walk on the wild side by making your outfit the main attraction. Pair with a simple hair and make-up look to make your fit really pop!

Exaggerated Shapes


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A post shared by MATILDA DJERF (@matildadjerf)

If bold colours aren’t your style, then try focusing on shapes rather than tones. Choose pieces that exaggerate the shape of your body and create interesting angles for a forever chic look. Just check out our forever style crush Matilda Djerf from Sweden, who can often be seen gracing our Instagram feeds with gorgeous shapes and the cutest combinations. If you fall in love with Matilda’s style (as we all have) then check out her label Djerf Avenue for some major copycat Scandi-style.

Layers and Layers


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A post shared by Anna Sarlvit (@annasarlvit)

Next on our list is one we have all been waiting for – living in Ireland we know the weather changes in the blink of an eye, so we have all come to understand the importance of layering. That said, we can take a look to our favourite Scandic-influencers for some top notch layering inspo that will keep you warm, cozy and every so stylish. Just check out Annasa above, layering clashing patterns and colours to create a fun, eclectic look that is sure to keep you toasty. And don’t forget the leg-warmers – we really can’t get enough of them!


Embrace Clashing 


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A post shared by Tippie-Maya Høgh (@tippiemaya)

Finally on the list, we have the boldest trend of all – clashing! Whether it’s clashing patterns, clashing colours or even clashing silhouettes, we are loving how these girls are pushing their fits to maximum drama capacity. If you aren’t as confident in clashing patterns or colours, try a more gentle approach to start, like Tippie Maya who layers similar tones, but with fun clashing between a mini skirt, formal trousers and casual runners. By keeping the palette neutral and focusing on the clashing shapes, you can embrace this trend cautiously at first. Keep adding colour as you get more confident in your clashing skills and before you know it you’ll be strutting down to the pub in perfectly clashing prints without a care in the world.


by Grace Mollaghan