This One Contouring Trick Will Totally Revamp Your Eyeshadow Game

Best part? It takes literally ten seconds.

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Ever feel as if you’re just dabbing eyeshadow in and around your general eye area and hoping for the best? Yeah, us too.

You can buy all the swanky smoky eye palettes that the world has to offer, but if you’re not applying the products right then you may as well be using Magic Markers.

That’s why we’re all over this expert eye make-up hack from celebrity MUA Georgie Eisdell. Georgie’s worked with everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Elizabeth Banks, so she knows her stuff.

Speaking to the folks at Byrdie recently, she revealed one über-simple application trick that will bring your eye make-up from zero to 100. What does it involve? Contouring your eyelids right along the crease, with your eyes wide open rather than half closed.


Firstly, you can put away all those fancy blending sponges and primers, because this tip takes ten seconds to do with the most basic of brushes.- a domed blending brush with long bristles.

Secondly, choose the right shade – taupe, ash or brown for a neutral look or black for a smoky eye. If you’re just testing the technique, try it with a pale nude first.

Finally, simply open your eyes and contour lightly along the crease, before going ahead with your normal eye make-up.

Dying to get started? Here are a few shades for perfect contouring every time…




YDK Urban Decay Eyeshadow, €18, Debenhams

Screen shot 2016-04-08 at 15.06.10

Rimmel London Magnif’eyes Mono Shadow in Superstar Sparkle, €6.49, Boots



Maybelline Colour Show Mono Eyeshadow in Black Out, €7.49, Boots