TikTok Stars Charli And Dixie D’Amelio Have Just Landed A Massive Fashion Gig

It's only the beginning for these Connecticut sisters.


Two of the biggest stars on TikTok at the moment, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have just landed a massive fashion partnership with a major label.

As part of their “back to school” campaign, the Connecticut sisters are the new faces of none other than Hollister.

To those without TikTok accounts, the girls names might not be familiar to you, but in the TikTok world, Charli and Dixie have a combined following of over 100 million followers, with younger sister Charli leading the way as one of the biggest stars on the platform with a staggering 71 million followers and growing.

Yep, these girls have pretty major and loyal fanbases and they’re only starting out.

With TV gigs, collaborations and ranges galore planned for these ladies, this Hollister partnership is only the beginning.

Sharing the partnership on her Instagram, Charli wrote:

“I am so excited to finally announce that @dixiedamelio and i got some new titles. @hollisterco made us jeanealogists in their first-ever hollister jean lab.”


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Dixie also shared the exciting news, similar to Charli, sharing photos of herself and telling fans that they need to “look for the Dixie approved stamp to shop my picks at Hollister.”


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Dixie has also recently ventured into the music world, releasing her debut track Be Happy. The lyrics are about mental health during Covid-19. With over 43 million views on the video so far, it’s safe to say fans are loving it and all the 18-year-old star does.

And if you’re thinking of giving TikTok a whack, maybe you were even inspired by the gals above, then we’ve the lowdown on all you need to know about the app, who to follow and how to use it right here!


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