Updating Your Summer Wardrobe? Yellow Is Everywhere Right Now

Yellow is the moment.

It’s officially May! How did that happen?

Summer is right around the corner and it feels like we have already started the sunny season with recent weather being pretty gorge. Of course we are pulling out our old reliable summer attire, those denim shorts that hug you in all the best ways and your favourite sun dress, but sometimes we need to update a few pieces in our seasonal wardrobe to keep up with our current style, and because we deserve to feel great in our clothes!

With this in mind, we’ve been keeping an eye out for summer trends, and it seems like yellow could be the colour of the season…

We’ve spotted yellow a lot recently and tbh it’s stunning, bringing a light pop of colour to your wardrobe, if you’re unsure about wearing such a loud colour go  for pastel yelloe, the perfect shade to pair with whites and neutrals.

We’ve rounded up some of our fave high-street yellow pieces for you to browse. Happy shopping sunshine!

Linen-Bend Blazer With Pockets €89.95

Sleeveless Ribbed Top €5.99

Terry Shorts €14.99

ASOS EDITION Blouson Sleeve Midi Dress In Organza Check 

Cropped High-Waist Straight Leg Trousers

Knit Top With Rhinestone Buttons

Hair Claw €9.99

ASOS DESIGN Nest Strappy Tie Leg Heeled Sandals In Yellow 



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