Urban Decay Is Coming For Your Brows With An All New Collection Of Brow Products

For any of you out there still searching for the perfect brow pencil.

Urban Decay pretty much rule the roost when it comes to eyeshadow palettes, but they’ve never really mastered the art of framing those eyeshadows – AKA brows.

And considering everyone’s always looking for something that’s gonna transform their bushy caterpillars (or sad, overplucked sperm-brows), you think they’d hop on that, right? Well, now they’re launching an all new brow collection, with five products dropping next month.

While we thought we’d seen everything there was to see when it comes to brows, they’ve managed to switch things up a bit. Here’s what we’ve got…

Double Down Brow Putty

This little kit comes with two shades of brow powder in a waterproof ‘putty’ formula, and promises not to budge all day long. It comes in seven shades (including one that’s friendly to redheads) and the tiny spoolie/brush is so handy, too.

Brow Blade

A new take on the brow pencil, Brow Blade includes a waterproof pencil on one end for filling in, and a brush-tipped ink stain on the other for creating precise hair strokes. Oooh.

Brow Endowed

If you like your brows BIG, you might be interested in this double-ended brow gel, which comes in seven shades – on one side there’s a primer for upping the volume, and on the other you’ve got a tinted cream for colour.

Brow Finish

It’s a clear brow gel, but they’re telling us it will actually hold the brow hairs in place all day without going crusty. Intriguingly, there’s also a gold shade for adding a bit of ‘subtle sparkle’ to your brows.

You have our attention, UD… We’ll be checking these out when they launch on February 28.