Right, So What Even Is The ‘Vanilla Girl Aesthetic’?

It’s popping off on TikTok, obviously.

If you’ve been anywhere near the edges of aspirational TikTok in recent days, you’ve probably comes across a little something known as the ‘vanilla girl aesthetic.’

It’s chunk knits, it’s bouncy hair, it’s comfort like you’ve never seen it before – and it’s all beige as hell.

After all, the vanilla girl thrives in beige… and white, and cream, and off-white, and basically anything that is super neutral, doesn’t have a hint of colour, and would be absolutely ruined if you decided to eat a bowl of spaghetti.

But according to TikTok, the vanilla girl would never do such a thing. She survives exclusively on iced coffees, white mochas, and overnight oats. She drinks eight litres of water a day. She might poach an egg at lunchtime but that’s it. 

@samanthadiaries__ current rotation ✨ @princesspolly #vanillagirlaesthetic #vanillagirloutfits #pppartner #pinterestoutfit #easyoutfits ♬ original sound – ɢᴀᴠ 𓆩☆𓆪

But the basics of the ‘vanilla girl’ aren’t entirely new. For months, our fyps have been dominated by cold girl makeup, glazed nails, and autumncore. It seems as if the vanilla girl has simply picked her favourite 2022 trends and amped them up… to the point where her entire online persona is iced coffee and #cosyvibes.

And hey, it does look nice. It’s aesthetic. I wouldn’t mind waking up every day and spending 1+ hour picking out my favourite sweater, Airwrapping my hair, and meticulously applying barely-there Glossier products to my face before settling down for a nice day of doing, well, not a whole lot.

So why exactly does this new trend appeal to so many? Because it’s aspirational, of course. Vanilla girls aren’t just all about the look, they’re about the lifestyle. 

And also, channeling Matilda Djerf, but who among us wouldn’t want that?


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So, you’ve gotten this far and you want to incorporate some vanilla girl aesthetic into your lifestyle. What do you do?

Manifest a cosy vibe, down some lemon water, and you’re good to go. Also, get your hands on some of the below. You’re welcome.

A beige knit

Dewy skin


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Wavy hair


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Cute bangs


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Faux freckles


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A journal (twice a day)


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Aesthetic iced coffee