Watch: This Make-Up Artist Transforms Herself Into 4 Kardashians In Under 2 Minutes

The resemblance is seriously uncanny.

Kandee Johnson Kardashians

Reckon you’ve got mad skills when it comes to make-up? Well you might be a bit put out by this latest YouTube vid then, that shows make-up artist Kandee Johnson using some pretty enviable talent to transform herself into four members of the Kardashian family in under two minutes.

In the vid for Buzzfeed, Kandee starts out sans make-up and with red hair. She then goes on to transform herself into Kim, Khloe, Kris and Kylie, using a selection of wigs and several different types of contouring.

The results? Mind-blowing. In fact, we reckon she’s most definitely a dead ringer for Kylie.

Here’s the vid.