Where Do The Love Island Girls Get Their Clothes?

Have you spotted something you like?

After a one year hiatus, the new season of Love Island is well and truly underway. Starting back on June 28th, over the course of the last week and a half, we’ve met a lot of new faces and said goodbye to a few more, all while watching the drama and matchmaking unfold. I mean, you can’t beat it.

But with every season of Love Island, there’s lots of queries about the show that crop up, from how many drinks the Islanders can have, to where they smoke (and if they’re allowed), to then, questions surrounding hair and makeup and where they get their gorge outfits.

Now, although ITV is tightlipped about giving away too much, thanks to former Islanders, a bit of investigative digging and the sharp eye of fans, we can practically find out everything and anything we want to know about the show.

One of the easier questions to answer, but also most commonly asked, is where the girls get their clothes for the show?

Each year, Islanders pack their own suitcases and bring plenty of their own clothes to the show with them, however, the clothes they bring follow strict guidelines, with producers noting that anything they wear cannot be branded or feature an obvious logo (this is for advertising reasons).

Aside from packing the bits they like from home, you’ll see the Love Island lads and ladies decked out in bits from clothing website I Saw It First – one of the main sponsors of the show.

Wearing a selection of swimwear, shirts, dresses and other items they picked from the brand, I Saw It First then pop anything which is televised on the Islanders into a Love Island exclusive fashion collection – where you can shop those items featured on the show. Handy.

Aside from that, it’s believed the Islanders are given an allowance before the show to pick up the items necessary for a hopeful eight week stint in the villa. From research, a lot of the clothing featured on the Love Island ladies this year comes from ASOS, Misspap, I Saw It First and Misguided.

Happy shopping.