Women Are Getting These Tiny Crown Tattoos To Spread A Seriously Inspiring Message

And we're kinda tempted too.

Your sister, your daughter, your friend, your co-worker, or yourself. There’s always a woman in your life that deserves to be championed, and thanks to one Australian blogger, fierce ladies all over the world are showing their support for one another in a very special way.

Constance Hall is about to publish her first book, Like A Queen, after years of blogging and writing about feminism, body image, self-love and gender equality. Through her writing and her huge social media following, she’s been encouraging women to stand up for one another, promote the sisterhood and treat themselves and others #likeaqueen.

Go high waisted they said… It’ll hide the muffin top they said…

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As Constance recently wrote on Instagram, the responsibility of being a queen is to “not only a commitment to support the s**t out of other Queens, but also one to yourself… to recognise your inner rad bitch and never stop loving her.”

11 Teeny-Tiny Tattoos So Beautiful You’ll Want To Get Inked Like, Now

Recently one of Constance’s followers posted a picture of a tattoo she’d had inked to remind herself that she was still “a f**king queen” despite being on “all sorts of hormone drugs” for fertility issues.

The move inspired Constance to follow suit and get her own tattoo:

And then it led to this:

This is seriously happening

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And this:

Our crown tattoo game is strong Nobody fucks with Queens

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“This is seriously happening,” Constance wrote alongside one snap of the tattoos on Instagram.

A tattoo is always a big commitment, but when it’s inspired by a motive as brilliant as this one, we reckon it’s a damn good idea.