Your BEST Brows Yet: We Ranked These 8 Grooming Products

Denise Curtin is putting the top groomers to the test so you don't have to!


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REFY Brow Sculpt (Digital Editor’s Pick!) 

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New to the market and founded by international fashion and beauty influencer Jess Hunt, REFY surpassed all my exceptions. Proving it’s not just smoke and mirrors with it’s gorgeous packaging, this product helped me to achieve that brushed up brow look all day, keeping them firmly in place with a formula that’s a mixture between a gel and a wax. I also loved the addition of a comb and brush to help achieve the perfect shape after application. A roaring success. 9/10


BareMinerals Strength & Length Serum-Infused Brow Gel

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A little bit on the spenny side but with reason, BareMinerals Strength & Length is the go to product for those with sparse brows that need a little filling and a tint all at once. I found it was perfect for giving my brows a little TLC and encouragement to grow, as well as some colour and a glossy shine! It’s no wonder so many people note this product as a handbag essential! 8.5/10


West Barn Co Soap Brows 

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With the term ‘soap brows’ taking the world by storm in 2019, it’s safe to say it has since cultivated a mass following for both it’s simplicity and affordability. With fluffy, fuller brows now all the rage, I love how easy this product makes achieving a sculpted, laminated style brow at home. The only thing I disliked about this brow soap is the cheap spoolie that comes with it. My advice, use your own brush to properly reap the rewards of this fabulous product. 8.5/10


Glossier Boy Brow 

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Glossier is a brand that’s like marmite in the STELLAR office. Some love it, while other’s loathe it. I happen to be on the love it side with some of their products like the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the Balm Dotcom forever stocked up in my makeup bag, but another one of their bestsellers and arguably, the product that put the brand on the map is Boy Brow. Tinted, long lasting and easy to use, there’s so much to love. The only thing I dislike is how miniature the bottle is, I want more! 8/10


AYU Easy Brow Pencil & Gel

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Sure we only adore an Irish owned brand and AYU is a cosmetics company based here in Ireland and set up by renowned makeup artist Suzie O’Neill. AYU’s Easy Brow Pencil & Gel offers a two-in-one solution for maintaining those brows on the go. The pencil helps to fill in any sparse areas while the highly pigmented gel helps to set the brows in place. Now, I did find that this product isn’t as indestructible as other brow gels on the market, but it’s certainly nifty for future travels when it comes to minimising the beauty bag. 7.5/10


Charlotte Tilbury Brow Fix 

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This is actually the product I’ve currently got keeping my brows in place as I type this feature. Charlotte Tilbury’s Brow Fix is one of the very few products I’ve been reaching to in the mornings before Zoom meetings and events to lift my face and make me look more awake. A simple product that works for all brow types, giving them structure and sticking them in place. I just wouldn’t go overboard with lashings of this product as with too many coats, it gets a bit flaky when it dries and white residue isn’t a lewk. Otherwise, worth the purchase. 7/10


Benefit 24-Hr Brow Setter 

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Like many, Benefit’s 24-Hr Brow Setter was my first dabble with a brow groomer which turned into years of it being my heavyweight go-to product. But (and there’s always a but) with the competition that’s out there now it has fallen down the ranks for being a little bit too matte and leaving my brows feeling a little too crispy. Yes it keeps them in place, but with almost a hairspray effect that’s more suited for night’s out. 6.5/10


NYX The Brow Glue 

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Pretty new to the market and the first instant brow styler with strong hold from NYX, this product was one I was keen to try as a budget friendly option. Did it hold my brows? It sure did, but my fair haired friends will be a lot more fortunate with this product as the glue is pretty white when it dries and thus, very obvious on my dark brows. Consistency wise, it’s also a little bit on the gloopy side and so, patience is needed when trialling how much of this product is needed to keep those brows in place without them looking too wet! 6/10

Happy shopping!

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