Your Complete Guide To The Craziest Brow Trends On The Internet

2018 is the year of the mad brow, and we are so OK with it.

Instagram: @priscillaavanity

Up until last year, there had more or less been only three eyebrow trends in history. First, it was the over-plucked, tadpole/spermy-looking brow that our mams or even we ourselves have been cursed by at some stage:

Then, it was the full, bushy brow – not great, but better that it’s predecessor.

Most recently, it was the Instagram brow, a personal favourite of mine – thick, with a sculpted arch and a nice fade from the beginning of the brow to the tail.

Instagram: @jantoski23

Since then, brow trends have exploded on the internet. Gone are the days of sperm and Insta brows as makeup artists on Instagram have taken the brow game to a whole new level. Do we love this creative aspect to makeup? Hell yea, but would we wear them to work or popping out to the shop? Probably not. But hey, they’re fun to look at and there’s no denying these MUAs are crazy talented.

If you’re looking to rock a wild brow this bank holiday weekend, we’ve rounded up some of the craziest brow trends that have been circulating over the last year.

The Waxy/Wavy Brow

 The Lightning Bolt Brow

The Feathered Brow

The Dipped Brow

The Jewel Brow

The Halo Brow

The Fishtail Brow

Do you have a fave brow trend? Or will you be sticking with your reliable brow definer this weekend?