5 Fun Things You Can Do At Home This Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend doesn't have to be a write-off

Never, in the history of bank-holidays has a bank hol weekend ever felt so bitter-sweet. While usually we would bounce ourselves out of the office come Friday afternoon in anticipation of a fun three days, our current lockdown situation has got us feeling a little ‘meh’ about having yet more time at home.

Yes, we’re all going stir crazy, and yes we’ve absolutely lost count of the days and number of facemask’s we’ve applied since isolation began, but it’s so vital that we continue to stay indoors to save lives and alleviate the immense pressure our incredible medical workers are under.

But hey, we’re here to show you that staying home isn’t so bad after all, and while this bank holiday weekend is less than ideal, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it just a little. So, we’ve rounded up a little list of some of the fun things you can do this weekend while still abiding by the government’s regulations.

Have A BBQ On Your Balcony


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Or your garden, or even your conservatory is the weather decides to let us down. Polish off that sad-looking grill that’s been sitting in the corner of your outdoor space for months and pop and few sausages on it. We’ve got all the time in the world now to spend cooking up a storm, so be adventurous and try perfect that mac n’ cheese recipe you’ve had saved into your notes for weeks. Cook up, sit down, and enjoy the company of whoever you’re quarantining with for a few hours.

Sort Out Your Beauty Cabinet 


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Okay yes, we said fun, but this one can be enjoyable too (if you’re Monica Geller). There might be a thousand other things you’d rather do, including watching paint dry, but if you’re anything like us this one is in desperate need of doing. From spilled fake tan to half-used pots of vaseline, have a good old clear-out and reap the benefits afterward. And while you’re at it you might as well have a virtual clear out too, delete all those accidental downloads and clean up your camera roll by binning those random screenshots.

Get Your Self-Care On 


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I know we’ve done more face-masks in the past 4 weeks than we have in our entire lifetimes, but why stop not! Treat yourself to a relaxing bath (you could pick up the new issue of STELLAR to read while you’re in there), pop in a hair mask and lather yourself in a sheet mask too. But why stop there! When you get out you could go really OTT with the self-care and even shave AND apply some fake-tan, you’ll be a new woman in no time!

Host A Virtual Wine Tasting 


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We’re doing virtual everything lately (literally), so why not organise a wine, whiskey, or beer tasting with some of your friends. It’s the perfect excuse for an e-catch up, and you’ll be so pissed by the time it’s over you’ll have forgotten about the current shitshow happening in the world, what pandemic?!?

Actually Get Cracking On Your ‘To-Watch’ List 


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We might have more time than ever to get started on that ‘to watch’ list, but that still doesn’t mean we’ve been doing it. Why not use the long weekend to actually get cracking on that list. We suggest starting off the morning with a movie, then making your way through a few episodes of that series you’ve been meaning to start, and then ending the evening with another movie or two. Variety is the spice of life, and we are THRIVING.