Going To Electric Picnic This Weekend? Here’s How To Do It As Sustainably As Possible

Have fun and be sound.

Electric Picnic 2019 is just four days away, and if you’re heading down, you’re probably already buzzing. Sure why wouldn’t you be? It’s the best craic, year after year.

However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that festivals cause a lot of waste, from abandoned camping equipment to piles of single-use plastic cups. Here’s what you can do to minimise your impact this weekend.

Don’t buy a rake of new outfits just for the occasion

Every fast fashion brand has a ‘festival fashion’ subcategory full of cheap, quirky outfits only made to be worn for one weekend. But we’re all more aware now of the impact such shopping has on the environment.

As tempting as it is to buy those €15 rainbow flares, think about it. Do you have some festival-appropriate garb in your wardrobe already? Could you find something similar in a vintage or charity shop?

Get biodegradable glitter and wipes

Like other plastics, glitter takes years to break down. But biodegradable glitter is more accessible than ever – you can find it in Penneys and on ASOS. Just make sure to pack a glitter glue so you can stick it to your face.

Face wipes are a festival staple, but they’re not exactly eco-friendly. Seek out biodegradable wipes like the new ones from Simple, which are made from renewable plant fibres and wood pulp.

Bring your KeepCup and reusable water bottle

Just as you would at home, you can bring your KeepCup for your morning coffee. Or your afternoon G&T, or whatever it is you want to use it for. We won’t judge.

Use the right bins

The likelihood of you getting everyone you camp with to recycle their cans is probably slim, but you can do your part. There are recycling points all over the campsites, as well as in the Main Arena. Bring a bin bag and gather up what you can, then sort it into the correct bin.

It’s worth noting that all the food traders use compostable plates, cutlery and napkins, so you can throw them in the compost bins with your food scraps (just be careful no plastic goes in there).

And leave no trace

Jaysus! This devastating #EP2018 aftrrmath has to be seen to be believed…Millions of €uros in perfectly good – & dry!…

Posted by Ed Rice on Monday, 3 September 2018

Every year, we hear about thousands of euro in perfectly usable camping equipment being left behind at Electric Picnic. Pack light, and buy a durable tent that can be reused next year. However wiped out you feel after the weekend, it’s no excuse not to take everything home with you. Be sound.