Help Clean Up Dublin’s Grand Canal Tomorrow And Get Some Grub From Deliveroo

Calling all good citizens.

The surprise of actually having a summer hasn’t quite worn off for us yet. While it’s lovely to see people enjoying the sun at our parks and by our canals, the mess of cans and food wrappers left behind isn’t so lovely.

Tomorrow from 10am onwards, Deliveroo will be at Dublin’s Grand Canal asking people to lend a few minutes of their time to clean up the area.

They’ll be handing out buckets, gloves and litter pickers from along Charlemont Mall – and while we know you’ll be doing it out of the goodness of your hearts, there is a little incentive for you too.

Those who return buckets filled with rubbish to the lovely Deliveroo representatives will receive Deliveroo Credit as a thank you gift. Picking up a bit of rubbish + making your city look a little nicer = free food. What more could you ask for?

Members of the Friends of the Grand Canal volunteer group will also be out to give a hand tomorrow – they meet once a month to clean up along the canal towpaths, so if you get a taste for the work, consider dropping in on their meetings.

Tomorrow’s cleanup is weather permitting, of course, so keep an eye on Deliveroo’s social media for updates. Let’s keep Dublin looking beaut.


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