Here’s Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning

Your mam was right all along

Making your bed is the one chore that many people hate the most. You’ve just woken up, you’re groggy, often running late and spending time on fixing something that’s just going to be messed up again that night feels like a massive waste of your precious time.

But, at a time that we have more time and less structure than ever, beginning our day with something productive is kind of the least we could do. Many experts argue against not bothering to make your bed, raising the point that in fact, making your bed can be more important than we ever even imagined.

In William H. McRaven’s book, he said “To change the world, start by making your bed”, and while many of us aren’t exactly planning on becoming Greta Thunberg anytime soon, his sentiment still holds a valid point. Studies have shown that those of us who do make a conscious effort to make our beds each day are on the whole more productive, relaxed, and in turn more successful.

Beginning your day with one productive act like making your bed kickstarts a chain of other good decisions throughout the day. At a time where productivity and positivity are gladly welcomed, making your bed when you wake up, whether that’s at 8am or 1pm, will begin your day the best way possible. This will improve your overall mood because when you feel energised and productive you, of course, feel happy and positive too.


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It goes without saying, but having a made bed instantly makes your sleeping area look tidier. This will go on to inspire you to clean other things too, the living room, your bathroom… the OVEN. Your home will be a new space when you’re done with it. A clear space equals a clear mind and lord knows we could be doing with one those atm.

It’s important to have balanced levels of productivity and relaxation. A tidy bed not only invites you to sit on it, it invites you to get comfortable and do something you love to do whether it’s read a book or watch a film. Collapsing onto your bed when the day is done or you’re feeling low is one of life’s simple pleasures, and a tidy space allows for you to do that.


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Although social media is bombarding us with messages of being the most productive we’ve ever been, we’re literally living through a pandemic and if lying on the sofa and numbing your mind with watching reruns of the IT Crowd is the only thing that is helping you get through this, then that’s A-Okay. That novel everyone’s expecting you to write and language everyone’s waiting for you to learn can be put on hold.

The beauty of making your bed is its simplicity. It’s a task that requires little effort but has a big impact. So while you feel a pang of guilt as you click ‘next episode’ on Netflix, you can remind yourself that you did do something productive today, making your bed was your tiny achievement, you can do something monumental is due course, but for now, a tidy bed is enough.