Irish Businesses Show Their Support By Helping Those Most Affected By Covid-19

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In the past couple of weeks it has been hard to hear or see any positivity surrounding Covid-19. At a time of uncertainty, fear and stress, it’s easy to feel swamped by the negative press, the unnecessary scaremongering on social media or the overall fear for the future.

But with this darkness does come light and as Leo Vradkar addressed the nation last night, he said one very important thing – “we’re in this together”.

Over the past couple of weeks, Irish businesses and companies who are too, uncertain about the future of their livelihoods, have been showing unmatchable compassion, community strength and love, as they have been going above and beyond to rally together during this difficult time for those who need it most.

And so, to make you’re evening a little brighter, we’re shining a light on a handful of Irish companies who have been doing their part to make sure that above all else, we work together.

Yesterday, like many other companies facing temporary closure, Chopped closed doors to many of their stores throughout Ireland, a difficult day for the brand, however they made sure to end on a high by delivering food to the frontline staff working around the clock in eight hospitals throughout Dublin, Kildare and Louth.

“We’ll see you all in a few weeks for healthy trade. Until then, please stay safe over these uncertain times and take care of family and loved ones” owners Brian and Andy wrote on Instagram.

Interior brand Mindy Brownes, who is also owned by the same folks behind Red Earth in Dublin and Westmeath has too had to close doors temporarily but hope to turn a negative into a positive by giving back to charity ALONE Ireland, aimed at helping the elderly.


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Mindy Brownes is hoping to fundraise €2,500 to give ALONE during this difficult time for the elderly in particular and in return, one person is going to win €2,000 worth of Mindy Brownes products for their home.

You can help the cause here by donating what you can.

Guinness is also helping ALONE Ireland raise vital funds needed to help the elderly and those affected by Covid-19. Announcing the news yesterday, Guinness has donated €3,000 to the charity today as part of a €1.5 million fund providing support to communities and bar staff affected by Covid-19 in Ireland.

Speaking on Tuesday, Donall O’Keeffe, CEO, Licensed Vintners Association said: “These are unprecedented times and it’s important that we pull together and show solidarity among the bar community. In addition the funding for services for older people is much needed and builds on the partnership that we already have in place with ALONE and Guinness addressing isolation among our elderly community”.

Also doing their part, Supermac’s is offering free meals to emergency workers amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Their statement, released this week, reads:

“Supermac’s will provide free meals to members of the emergency services in recognition and appreciation of the effort that is being made by each and every one of them at this challenging time.”

And besides giving back, we’ve seen retailers like SuperValu, Lidl and Tesco offer designated times across their stores nationwide where elderly customers can shop in peace. They’ve called it “priority shopping” for those over 65.

Again, this is the community spirit we need to see at times like this – a hat tip to all businesses who are doing their part during these difficult times, we see you and we appreciate you.

Lastly, a hat tip to all those who’ve signed up to give back in some way or another in the past few weeks. From volunteering with the HSE to helping those more vulnerable, we’re thanking you.


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