The Immersive Van Gogh Experience Has Finally Landed in Ireland!

Ideal weekend activity, right here.

The incredible Van Gogh experience has finally landed in Ireland, having attracted tourists from all around the world in various locations like London, New York, Berlin and Naples. The exhibition is a 20,000 square foot 3D experience, where viewers will be immersed in the works of one of the most famous and influential artists of all time. Wow!

This spectacular digital set-up uses artificial intelligence and brand new technologies to surround you with the artwork in a way that makes it feel like a ‘living, breathing thing’. The breathtaking lights and sounds will guide you through the life of the artist through audio-visual storytelling, with some seriously futuristic effects to blow your mind as you move your way through Van Gogh’s world.

The experience comes from creative studio Nohlab, who are known for their mind-bending and multi-award-winning digital art exhibitions across the world. Alongside the Van Gogh experience, you’ll get to see three other multi-sensory contemporary pieces that Nohlab have produced before, some of which feature in the iconic Atelier Des Lumiere in Paris. How cultured can you get?

Chatting about the exhibition, founder Dan Gleeson described what it’s like when you step inside; ‘When you first arrive you don’t know what to expect. Immediately you’re completely taken aback by how beautiful everything is and how impressive the digital artwork is, brought to life all around you. You then become completely absorbed by the journey, Van Gogh’s incredible talent and his fascinating life’. He also stressed that it’s not just for art lovers, but people of ‘any age and interest’ will enjoy this beautiful spectacle.

Van Gogh – An Immersive Journey will take over The Shelbourne Hall at the RDS in Dublin from May 16th until August 4th. You can buy tickets here!

Words by Aoife CodyKane