The 3 Shoes You Need To Take On Every Holiday

Lets get packing!


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When we’re packing, one of the things we tend to push to the side or not put as much consideration into is our footwear.

Yet footwear is one of the most important accessories on holiday! And it can be the make or break when it comes to comfort.

Truly all holiday footwear falls into three categories, so if you have at least one pair from these three categories then you’ll be sorted for your trip.

You should always plan ahead – but these categories will help you be prepared for almost anything anyway. While we’re all about style, at the end of the day comfort is absolutely key, so we’ve got that in mind too.

Here’s three types of shoe that are a must for a good hollier.

1. The Comfort Shoe


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No matter where you’re holidaying, you know you’ll always need at least one pair of comfy shoes to get you through. This is the shoe you wear on the plane, it’s well worn in and you could run for a gate if you needed. They’re ideal for a long walk or if you’ll be on your feet all day; perfect for sightseeing, walking tours and any last minute adventures.

It might be the beat up pair of Air Force you’ve had for three years, or it might be the running shoes that have never done you wrong.

This is the shoe that ensures your feet won’t be sore or blistered. It’s reliable, and we’re all about practicality!

Proper shoes provide cushioning, support, and a good fit, reducing the risk of blisters, sore feet, and fatigue. If you prioritise comfort then you can enjoy your holiday without limits. Even if they’re not always great for the aesthetic – don’t leave them out!

2. The Classic Shoe


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When you’re not out adventuring, you need a classic, stylish every day shoe. These are those pretty sandals you bought just for the trip, or the trusty pair of Birkenstocks that go with absolutely everything.

The classic shoe is a crossover with both the first and the third category. While you may find Birkenstocks to be the comfiest shoes you could wear on holiday, and they look fab, you couldn’t run very far if needed. You want this shoe to be easy to wear with dresses, skirts, shorts or jeans. They’re good for casual wear and still feel stylish! They’re the perfect strolling-through-the-streets shoe,  ideal for grabbing breakfast or having a wander.

While you may be tempted to just pack from this category, you should always opt for a comfort shoe too (trust us!) Even if you don’t end up wearing them, you know you have a fallback to save your sore feet if you need!

3. The Aesthetic Shoe


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This category changes depending on the holiday you’re going on but is still a necessity in our opinion; whether it’s a family holiday, or a girls trip with your besties!

These shoes are the heels, boots or whatever kind of fancy shoe you love that will look gorgeous in photos but isn’t super handy. They’re the shoe that you haven’t quite broken in, or that will call for a taxi, but they make you feel amazing.

You won’t be getting very far in these, (and sometimes they even come off once the pictures have been taken) but you simply have to pack them. When we look good, we feel good, and who doesn’t want to look amazing for their friends back home in their holiday pictures!


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