A Movie To Get You Through Every Quarantine Mood

And let's face it, there's lots of em'

We’re not sure about you, but our emotions are all over the place lately. One minute we’re positive Polly’s and the next we’re crying because we can’t get our dalogna coffees to whip fast enough.

Every day truly is a rollercoaster of emotions, and for good reason. We’re stuck indoors with lots of time to spare and we’re in desperate need of something to help lift the mood, or help us to flush out all those tears, or get our minds working on solving something.

The best thing it seems to do all of the above is good ol’ reliable movies. From feel-good flicks to cult-classic tear jerkers. There’s a film out there for every single quar mood. Providing you with a couple of hours of respite from the turmoil that is currently our minds, and helping to relieve any anxiety or upset you feel.

While we couldn’t possibly cover every emotion we’re currently feeling during lockdown, because things are a lot more complex than ‘happy’ or ‘sad’, we’ve provided a few general guidelines for how you may be feeling at some point or other, and the flick you can stick on to coincide with that.

Movies To Beat The Boredom


So intense, it won’t give you a second to think, let alone be bored.

The Girl On The Train

Similarly intense, when you’re done watching this you’ll immediately want to read the book afterward, and then watch the film again.

Harry Potter

Maybe you’re a fully-fledged Potter head, or maybe you’ve never seen any more than 15 minutes of one film. Either way, now is the perfect time to binge on the entire franchise, with a running time of over 19 hours that’ll be a lot of quar time killed.

Pulp Fiction

With its pop-culture fueled dialog and ongoing narrative shocks this will you questioning everything from start to finish, not a second for the mind to wander!

Movies To Give You A Boost

Mamma Mia! 

You can’t sit there listening to almost 2 hours of Abba tune after tune and not bop around your house afterward, not to mention all the added drama and lols that are weaved into the storyline too!

The Commitments

It’s the feel-good Irish movie to define all feel-good Irish movies. It’ll leave you with a sense of Irish pride and a spring in your step.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 

Sit back and feel victorious while you watch young Matthew Broaderick get away with what can only be described as the best sickie ever pulled.

It’s A Wonderful Life 

It might not be a fab one right now, but transport yourself to 1940s America and get emersed in the feel-good classic that is It’s A Wonderful Life. It’s also technically a Christmas movie too, and you can’t feel sad when you watch a Christmas movie!

Movies To Let You Cry It All Out


If you don’t cry at the scene where Rose let’s go of Jack then you might need to sort yourself out.

Call Me By Your Name 

If it’s a plethora of emotions you’re after then it’s a plethora of emotions you’ll get.

Marley And Me 

Only watch this one if you’re in serious, serious need of a cry and this is truly your last resort. We’ve warned you.

Inside Out

RIP Bing Bong, that’s all we’ll say.

Movies To Make You LOL


If there’s one thing we love to see, it’s nuanced female characters, and this ode to female friendship will have you howling in no time.

21 Jump Street 

If Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum pretending to be teenagers can’t bring a smile to your face then we don’t know what will.

The Snapper

Nothing quite beats the Irish humour, if you don’t watch this at least once during quarantine then you’re doing it wrong.

Mean Girls 

For further information: please contact your local UIP Press Office.

It’s a classic and it’s still absolutely gas.