The 5 Most Popular Avocado Dishes Available From Deliveroo, In Honour Of National Avocado Day

Oh yeah, we're celebrating it.

Yep, there really is a day for everything these days, but who could really complain about an excuse to eat avocado?

The fruit is still the trendiest word in food, and no brunch place worth its salt would dare to leave it off the menu.

Deliveroo say that avocado dishes are wildly popular with their customers – and in honour of National Avocado Day, they’ve shared the top five with us.

The Millennial Sandwich from Vandal, Dublin 2

Because us millennials would rather eat avocado toast than be sensible and buy houses, right? This cheekily-named sandwich is packed with falafel, beef, tomatoes, wild baby rocket, pesto, and the all-important avocado. You’ll want it for lunch tomorrow.

Avocado and Eggs from Brother Hubbard South, Dublin 8

Simple and delicious, Brother Hubbard have really nailed avocado toast. Their gorgeous Georgian bread is smothered with smashed avocado and chickpea spread before being topped with two poached eggs, harissa yoghurt, fresh radish, horse nut dukkah (a mixture of herbs, nuts, and spices) and nigella seeds. Fancy AF.

Avocado Smash Sandwich from Farmer Browns, Dublin 4 

Avocado and feta smash, mixed peppers, pesto, and Dubliner cheese sandwiched between two hunks of sourdough. Get in our bellies.

Avocado and Feta Smash from Grove Road, Dublin 6

Grove Road have created their own version of classic avocado toast, consisting of poached eggs on sourdough with avocado and feta smash, roasted cherry tomatoes and balsamic reduction.

And the Chicken Avocado from Camden Rotisserie, Dublin 2

Without a doubt my favorite #lunch spot in #dublin. It's a #wrap ?

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A juicy marinated chicken fillet accompanied by sliced avocado, red onions, red pepper and mayo, presented to you in a wrap or a roll (your choice). The lunch of champions.

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