The Bottomless Brunch At Cleaver East Has All You Can Drink Mimosas!

An all you can drink brunch? Oh baby, we are so there - you joining us at Cleaver East's #Cleaverbrunchclub this Sunday?

How, tell us, how did we not know that the famous NYC staple, the bottomless brunch, had crossed the Atlantic? Let us explain: bottomless brunch is a glorious state of affairs where you pay for your delicious brunch foods, and then get endless boozy top-ups until you’re ready to leave – or be carried out.

The Dublin home of all things delightfully gastro-quirky and utterly tasty, Cleaver East, located in the Clarence Hotel in Temple Bar, is offering what we think might be the city’s first – and only – bottomless brunch, thanks to its bottomless Mimosa offer, which you can avail of for €15 (yep, it includes top-ups) during its #Cleaverbrunchclub every Sunday from 12pm to 3pm.

But don’t take our word for it. Let some pictures paint you a couple of thousand, huh?


Gooey goodness

Oh dear god

The… everything

So, seeya there?