The Hashtag #DogsAtPollingStations Is Trending On Twitter And Our Thursday Just Got A Lot Better

So many good boys and girls

Voting for the General Election went underway in the UK this morning, and while the country seems divided in their political ideologies there is one thing bridging the gap between differing views – doggos.

While we’re trying our very best to keep out of any Brexit drama here in Ireland, we can of course still take note and appreciate the excellent hashtag that’s doing the rounds on Twitter.

#dogsatpollingstations is currently trending on twitter. While some four-legged friends are tactically sharing their political views, others are just happy for the opportunity to show off their stylish coats and costumes.

After much oohing and awhing we’ve decided to round up the best of the very best doggies out there doing their civic duty today.

Happy Thursday!