TikTok Trending: How Feng Shui Can Improve Your Home (And Your Mood)

Is your furniture placement messing with your head?

Image via Pexels by Charlotte May

Whether you live at home with your fam, are a seasoned renter, or lucky enough to own your own space, chances are you’ve done a little interior design.

It might have been moving your bed so you could have extra wardrobe space, or swapping out a low lamp for one that adds more light to the room. While some of us are passionate about the aesthetic placement of things in our homes, a lot of us will usually stick to what makes practical sense.

However, the way you place your furniture may be having a greater effect on your life than you realise.

Enter, the art of Feng Shui.

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This ancient Chinese traditional practice has a set of well defined rules which direct you on how to arrange your home, in order for you to have a ‘harmonious environment’. Not only is the practice intended to make your home feel brighter, more spacious, and more naturally flowing, it is also said to affect your mood, relationships, and even how successful you are! Wild.

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Over on TikTok, Feng Shui experts are blowing up as they explain how to optimise your space in order to improve your life. It’s all about balancing the energy or ‘qi’ in your home – this means things like making sure your doorway isn’t cluttered so positive energy can flow through.

Another example is keeping plants out of the bedroom because their energy is apparently too vigorous for peaceful sleeping!

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If it seems a little complex – it is. There are a lot of different components to Feng Shui which can make it tricky to keep up with, like not having mirrors in your bedroom; never having furniture that puts your back to a door, and requiring doubled up items like drawers and lamps to bring better balance – which isn’t always feasible!

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One designer took to TikTok to explain why she doesn’t implement the practice in her clients homes, noting that it can be a little overwhelming. She urges her viewers to “take what resonates, and throw the rest (of the ideas) away”.

@tykapryde There’s also a lot about not having technology in the bedroom, but I can’t imagine not working on my laptop in bed and putting on a movie and watching it for exactly 3 minutes before I fall asleep like that is heaven to me. #interiordesign #homedecor #fengshui #balance #harmony #fyp #blackgirlluxury ♬ original sound – TykaPryde

We like this idea best; you don’t have to totally makeover your space based on the rules of this ancient Chinese tradition, but you might take a concept here or there if you think it’ll make you feel better.

Now, go forth and de-clutter!