Three Ingredient Fruit Lollies That Are Perfect For Healthy Summer Snacking

And they take minutes to prep!

If quar has thought us one thing, it’s that cooking and baking in the kitchen is actually quite therapeutic. Although the humble banana bread truly ran its course on social media, it did spark a new movement of people sharing and swapping recipes and pics online.

From ‘how to create a homemade tapas night’ to everyone and their mother creating blogger, Lauren Arthurs Mars Bar squares; if there’s a time to get creative in the kitchen, it’s most certainly now.

On Stellar’s Instagram, we’ve even made a highlight where we’re sharing all our favourite recipes and treat ideas – you can find it on our channel here. An easy place for you to access some tried and tested bakes and meals when you’re looking for a Friday night date activity or simply, something stun to go with your glass of wine.

But today, we bring you something a little less indulgent and a little more sweet and healthy. As we’re expected to see the temperatures rise again, we’re turning our attention towards these simple ice lollies. Containing just three ingredients and perfect for storing in the freezer when you’re looking for a sugar hit, these will hit the spot and both recipes come thanks to Aldi!

You’ll need ice lolly moulds to recreate these! 

Mango, Orange and Lime Ice Lollies 


2 x oranges

1 x lime

1 x 275g pack mango chunks


  1. Squeeze the juice from the oranges and the lime
  2. Put the juice and the mango chunks into a food processor and pulse until almost smooth
  3. Pour into the lolly moulds and freeze for 6 hours

Passion Fruit and Yogurt Lollies 


4ooml Authentic Greek Yogurt

2 ½ tbsp. Honey

5 Passion fruit


  1. Dilute honey in 1 tablespoon hot water
  2. Mix the honey and water with the yogurt
  3. Scrape out all of the passion fruit pulp and seeds into a jug
  4. Add a large spoonful of the yogurt mixture into each lolly mould, then pour a layer of passion fruit over the yogurt. Repeat in layers until the mould is full
  5. Add the mould lids and freeze overnight
  6. Once frozen, release your lollies by briefly running under hot water.

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