20 Simple Ways To Treat Yourself This World Wellbeing Week

That *don't* involve spending a fortune or alcohol


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Today, the 21st of June marks the beginning of ‘World Wellbeing Week’. While the words ‘wellness’ and ‘self-care’ have been thrown around so much in recent times that they’ve *almost* ceased to lose all meaning, the actual act of doing something kind for yourself hasn’t.

Doing something kind for yourself can be as small as lighting a candle or as major as cutting a toxic person out of your life. However, for right now we’re focusing on the small things that can bring a little joy to our lives each day.

Of course, you shouldn’t only indulge during a dedicated week for self-care, it should be a weekly, if not daily occurrence. But, we’re happy to take this week as the green light to go that extra mile for ourselves, because after the year we’ve had, lord knows we deserve it.

Here are 20 simple ways to treat yourself this week, (none of which will break your bank account or give you a hangover.)

Pick up a new hobby 

Order a takeaway 

Listen to a podcast 

Book a day off work 

Take a long walk 

Change your bedsheets 

Moisturise all over 

Get an early night 

Buy new pjs 

Get some flowers 

Watch that movie on your ‘to watch’ list 

Cook something new 

Switch off your wifi 

Book a spontaneous adventure

Write a ‘to-do’ list 

Have a sea swim 

Jot down 5 things you’re grateful for 

Apply a hair mask 

Unfollow anyone who doesn’t bring you joy on social media

Give yourself a head massage 



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