4 Non-Boring Foods That Burn Fat Like Crazy

Forget hot water and lemon, chillies and grapefruit. These super tasty foods are also deadly at firing up your metabolism.


Chicken and chorizo

You can thank the high fat content in this little number for kicking your metabolism into high gear. You see your body actually needs fat to be able to burn it. Why? Well because fat is so calorie-dense (it packs twice the amount of energy per gram as protein) it actually gives your body the extra energy it needs to be able to burn the fat that you’ve stored over time. More reason to add a little chorizo into your daily diet.

Peanut butter

Peanut Butter

You better believe it, ladypal. PB is actually a deadly fat-burner. Why? Well it boosts testosterone levels which are responsible for gaining muscle mass for one. Its high protein content also helps to repair muscles after exercise and a denser muscle mass means a higher metabolism.

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Aside from being carb-dense and totally yummy, wholegrains like quinoa, eaten in small doses, actually help to prevent the body storing fat. Add chillies, spinach and a squeeze of lemon to yours for an extra fat-burning boost.


Feta Salad

You read that correctly. Cheese is a deadly addition to any diet as it contains butyric acid which reduces your appetite and boosts your metabolism. Cottage cheese is one of your best bets as it’s loaded with protein, calcium, magnesium and zinc which all aid fat-burning, but other types of cheese, like mozzarella and feta are also good choices. Just eat them in moderation, y’hear?