Hate The Gym? These Tiny Hacks Will Make Working Out Less Of A Chore – Promise!

Nope, working out doesn't have to be a drag. We find out how to make your workout something to look forward to.

Woman with abs

We’ve all been there: it’s 5.45am and your alarm is screeching in your ear. You know it’s time to get up and hit the gym but the thought of it fills you with dread. Sounds familiar, huh?

But working out doesn’t have to be a chore.

Here’s how to make getting fit more fun.

1. Buy new workout gear

Forget dreary old workout duds, bright funky gym gear is where it’s at right now. Treat yourself to a few bold ‘n’ bright bits, (We’re big fans of Victoria’s Secret’s gorge-o gym gear at the mo) they’ll make a fun contrast to the grey machines and white-walled backdrop of your local gym, and hopefully give you that extra little kick of motivation to get out of bed.

2. Set yourself a challenge and track your progress

Whether it’s to do just one more rep or blast out an extra minute on the treadmill, hitting a target isn’t just hugely motivating, it’s also a fun challenge. Don’t let your workouts go stale; aim to constantly better yourself. Even better, go a step further and blog or Instagram your journey. Documenting how you’re doing along the way can add an extra element of community, to what is, for the most part, a solitary experience.

3. Have a workout buddy

A hot tip from fitness Instagrammer and PT Jade Wilson AKA @glitterandglutes? Don’t train alone, buddy up with a mate. “I train with friends every so often who have the same interest,” she tells us. “It changes it up from training on your own. Even if you prefer going to classes, get your friends or family to try it with you,” she suggests. Bonus point: it also makes you more accountable, so you’re less likely to skip a session.

4. Switch it up

A surefire way to get bored fast is to keep doing the same thing over and over again. The fix? Um, do something different (duh). If you usually work out inside, go for a run outdoors. Prefer to work out in the weights room alone? Try a group class instead. Your new workout will give you a fresh burst of enthusiasm and challenge your muscles too.

5. Find something you love

This one’s key: if you don’t like the way your workout, you’re never going to find it fun, are you? “I’ve turned fitness into a lifestyle, something I look forward to everyday,” says Jade. “The difference between how I was before and now, is that I found something I love. I think the key to keeping fit is do something you enjoy. I couldn’t run for my life, so why would I want to make myself do that everyday!? My passion is bodybuilding and lifting weights, but I 100 percent think there is a niche for everyone.”

The lesson? If you don’t enjoy your current workout, find one that you do. Got it.