7 Health And Fitness Apps That Will Keep You Motivated And On Track

Need a little helping hand when it comes to keeping fit and staying motivated? These deadly apps will help you on your way...

Woman running

Noom Coach

This is no quick fix, as the Noom Coach app aims to help you make lasting healthy lifestyle changes. Why’s it effective? It uses a range of tools including nutritional feedback, recipes and a pedometer to help you reach your long-term fitness goals.

Nike Training Club

Need the help of a pro? Using this app is kinda like working out with a Nike Pro athlete, featuring more than 100 guided workout demos. It also includes four week training programs, and a function that allows for setting and tracking new fitness goals.

Lorna Jane

This mega pretty app cheers you on as you work out, shares daily motivational quotes and let’s you track the distance, speed and calorie burn of your workouts. If that’s not enough, you can also search body-nourishing recipes to keep you on track.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Having trouble sticking with that motivational mindset? Through a series of guided meditations, the Weight Loss Hypnosis app can help both curb cravings and motivate you to hit the gym.


MyFitnessPal is the world’s most popular fitness app for good reason; it’s an easy way to track your daily calorie intake and exercise, and has the largest food database of any calorie counter. Better yet, the app sends you push notifications to remind you to log your meals, meaning you’re less likely to go off-track.

7 Minute Workout Challenge

Want an easy way to fit exercise into your busy schedule? Then this is the app for you. Providing 36 different seven minute workouts, it allows you to work out in short, intense bursts, which are great both for your metabolism and for fat burning.

Healthy Out

This is the app for dieters who love to cheat clean. Allowing you to search restaurant menus in over 500 cities, with filters like ‘high protein’ and ‘low-calorie’, it means eating out can still be healthy.