According To A Personal Trainer, This Exercise Isn’t As Effective As You Think It Is

But a few tweaks can make it one of the best fat burners around.

woman in gym clothing

Given the hard slog you put in at the gym, it would be fairly disheartening to learn that one of your go-to moves isn’t the killer fat-burning exercise that you thought it was.

Unfortunately though, not all exercises are created equal and there’s one popular move in particular that might not give you the results you crave.

It’s jogging.

Katriona Fox, a personal trainer at the Irish Strength Institute explains that “commercial gyms have one thing in common: The overweight members occupy the treadmills, while the leaner gym goers fight for the squat rack. Jogging is not and never has been optimal for fat loss and it can be really demanding on your joints too,” she tells us.

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Add to that, lots of jogging can cause muscle loss and promote weight gain around your tummy, Katriona explains.

Thankfully, though that doesn’t mean that you should give up the treadmill all together. It just means you should be smarter about how you use it.

Aim to do high intensity intervals instead of jogging at a steady pace. That means having a period of rest, followed by short periods of sprinting at full effort.

It’s much more effective at burning fat, meaning you’ll see results a whole lot quicker.


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