An Irish Fashion Designer Used Selfridges’ Window In London To Protest The 8th Amendment

"Read, react, repeal."

Wexford native Richard Malone was due to hold a pop-up shop in the window of one of London’s most luxurious stores yesterday, but instead decided to use the space to protest the 8th Amendment.

The 26-year-old wrote numerous message supporting the repeal movement in red marker on the window of Selfridges while wearing a t-shirt that read ‘Read. React. REPEAL’.

Richard has been vocal about his support for the #RepealThe8th movement on his social media accounts, making reference to his protest in Selfridges on his Instagram account yesterday.

Although the display met great praise and support on social media, the London-Irish ARC Twitter page tweeted that the well-known store brought the demonstration to a halt, and told the designer he could only continue if he omitted the word ‘repeal’ from his messages.

One Instagram user encouraged Londoners to go to Selfridges in support of Richard and #RepealThe8th.


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