Ask James: ‘Do I HAVE To Pretend To Like This Wagon Just Because My Friends Say I Should?’

Our agony uncle answers your questions like only a gas bitch can.

I’ve gotten to the stage of my life where I’m starting to dread festivals but there’s still a big part of me that wants to go to them because FOMO… any tips on how to make them more bearable? – Roisin, Kildare

I am at the same stage TBH! If you can glamp, I would SERIOUSLY recommend it. It truly makes the world of difference. Showers are nicer (often smaller queues), the toilets are less like the depths of hell and it’s quiet at night – sleep is important to make it through three days. You don’t wanna be hearing a group of mad ladz blasting Faithless on repeat at 7am.

Then you need your hangover kit to hand as soon as you wake up. And you need to act FAST: vast amounts of water, Dioralyte (I sometimes take two sachets within an hour for ultimate hydration), Nurofen (calm the head), Buscopan (ease the stomach) and then whatever lozenges or throat spray you can buy (ease the raw throat from screaming all night). Go back to bed for an hour and then head for the showers. Follow this with militant precision and you should perform well.

Most of my money is being wasted on food. I’m addicted to nice food, so it’s hard for me not to end up being broke every month because I love eating so damn much. Any tips on combating this and finally getting on the mortgage buzz? – Laura, Greystones

You’re talking to your sister here. Thing is, I do not look at nice food as a ‘waste’ – EVER. Sometimes I lie in bed and fondly remember nice meals I’ve eaten and it brings me great happiness. If always having lovely food makes you really happy then keep on that vibe! Mortgages aren’t for everyone. Rent for the next while and live your indulgent life. Worry about the mortgage another day, and book that restaurant you’ve been dying to go to. YOU DESERVE IT.

There’s a girl in my extended group of friends and we just don’t get on. The rest of the girls know we don’t – as does the girl in question – but they insist we get along. We both try to be friendly but it’s just so fake and exhausting. Do I really have to put up with this forever? – Anon, Dublin

I don’t think you should have to put up with this at all. I personally hate the BS of people having to pretend they’re friends just because they’re both women, or men, or two gays or whatever. You should only be mates with someone if there’s a genuine connection – not because of circumstance/convenience. Tell your friends to get a grip and that you’ll be civil to keep the peace. And that’s where the line is drawn. You do you, bbz, and don’t make no apologies for trying to be a genuine person.

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