Ask James: ‘How Do I Tell The Guy I’m Seeing That His Breath Is HIDEOUS?’

James answers your questions like only a gas bitch can.

I was chatted up by a guy in a club and we had a fab night together. A few kisses were had etc. I then found out he had a girlfriend and cooled it off with him. A while later, he messages out of the blue to say he’s ended it with the GF to be with me – he said he couldn’t stop thinking about me. He’s very clingy and obsessive in his messages. What do I do? Anon, Dublin

There’s nothing worse than clingy and obsessive. If this was a normal situation whereby someone you met was a bit too much I would say try scoot away while you can. No one should be in a relaysh that they feel uncomfortable in. However, given he dropped his GF like a hot cake on the back of ONE night spent with you – that is worrying. He’d probably do the same to you if something shinier came along. My advice: girl, run!

How would you recommend getting through a Masters mentally unscathed? Carla, Dundrum

When going through stressful periods in life, be it a job change, a house move, a breakup or, in your case, a Masters, it’s important to discover little ways of perking yourself up. I believe in allowing yourself to indulge when going through hard times in order to give yourself jolts of much needed happiness.

So, if you’re putting huge amounts of work into your masters, then cool off in the gym and order some gorge takeaways during the week. Book in a facial once a month. Light some candles. If you really think about it, happiness doesn’t have to come in Chanel packaging; it’s often found in small, attainable things.

I’ve been seeing a guy for a few months. I can’t remember if it’s always been like this, but his breath is hideous. I’m always suggesting chewing gum but he often refuses. How do I make him realise without hurting his feelings? Anna, Galway

Unless it’s a serious medical issue or you’ve just had v garlicky food and a coffee, I don’t approve of anyone having bad breath. There are so, so many options available to easily combat it. If you want to be a bit egg-shelly about it and protect his feelings, buy him a mouthwash but say it was on special 2-for-1 and you thought he would appreciate the extra bottle. Always insist he takes chewing gum when you take one. If he refuses, kiss him and shove your gum into his mouth – in a sexy way. You can deffo subliminally weave fresh breath into his/your life.

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