Ask James: What’s The Best Way To Break Up With Someone?

James Kavanagh answers your questions like only a gas bitch can.

What’s the best way to break up with someone? 

Rachel, Dublin 

Wow – love it. Straight in no kissing! That’s not the way to break up by the way; I’m just admiring your straight-to-the-point question. It REALLY depends on the situation, I think. Controversially, I don’t think ‘face to face’ is always the best solution. If you’re seeing someone and the relationship is in tatters, or you’ve tried to get away a few times with no success because they talk you out of your decision, sometimes written word is best. Now, I’m not suggesting something like the infamous post-it Carrie got from Berger in Sex and the City – something a little more detailed. If it’s a case where the relaysh has simply fizzled out, be kind and explicitly say that it’s nothing to do with them. It’s not fair to leave someone second-guessing their whole personality when it’s just you’re both simply incompatible. But if someone is a total dickhead then let them know, babes. They need to learn.


I’m bringing my sister to Dublin for the day to spoil her for her birthday. You’re always going to nice places. Where will I take her for a gorgeous day in the big smoke?

Sarah-Ann, Galway

Soooo many gorgeous places & things to go, but here’s some of my faves (mainly involving food cuz what else would you wanna be doing?). Breakfast: porridge in The Westbury (it’s so silky & creamy) or eggs & bacon in The Pepper Pot. Then, nip to Kaph for a gorgeous oat flat white and browse around that area for bits and bobs. Cosmic Boulevard (gorgeous signet rings) and Industry for nice home-wear. Grab a glass of organic wine in Loose Cannon for daytime giddiness. Lunch: Bibi’s (get the toasted chorizo sandwich omg) or Fumbally for a big salad plate. You’ll then be close to Daniel for a nice post-lunch coffee. Then Uno Mas or Variety Jones for dinner. Enjoy!


Any tips for washing my cat? I remember you washed yours once but it didn’t go too well. 

Laura, Dublin 

Get loads of newspaper and lay it out. Put on some yellow washing gloves. Give your cat some treats. Grab two towels and lay them on top of the newspaper & open a window. Have a litre of warm water with some pet-friendly shampoo squirted in. Lol jk. There is no way to wash a cat without them murdering you. Just let them live and lick themselves.


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