Ask The Expert: My Job Pays Well But I’m Unhappy – What Should I Do?

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“I have a decent job, I’m paid well, but I’m just not sure if it’s fulfilling anymore. I don’t know if moving on is the right step because it’s financially a good role and I’m worried I’m just comparing myself to others and have a ‘grass is greener’ outlook on a perfectly fine job that’s sometimes a little boring.”

With over a decade’s experience in the recruiting and career consulting industry, Angela Burke ( is the perfect person to help us out.

I hear from a lot of people who are in a very comfortable position financially but are deeply dissatisfied in their job. There is a certain amount of guilt attached as they’re aware of how lucky they are to have a job and security, but at the same time, it’s not easy to motivate yourself to continuously carry out work that’s not leaving you fulfilled.

Everyone’s personal circumstances will differ so it’s important to take a practical approach when considering making a change. First up, take some time to figure out what exactly needs to change to generate more job satisfaction and fulfilment. By doing this, you reduce your chances of ending up with the same problem in another workplace. Consider whether you can make any tweaks to your current work situation or whether you need to change jobs.

Finally, It’s important to run the numbers so that you know how much you need and whether you’re willing to reduce your salary for more fulfilment. If you are staying in the role, knowing your ‘why’ will keep you focused on the tough days and remind you of what you’re getting out of it.

For some people, they will choose to remain in a job in order to secure a mortgage. Others simply won’t want to navigate any professional changes while they’re going through certain life stages such as planning a wedding, trying to conceive, dealing with a break-up or working through health challenges.

You can take steps towards making a change by getting your ducks in a row. People underestimate the importance of investing in a professionally guided CV as early as possible. A CV is your most important career asset with a huge role to play in securing your next position. It’s also wise to strengthen your interview skills so that you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of securing the job. Many will struggle to decide when to finally leave the job and in this case, it’s worth weighing up the impact staying in the job is having on your life, well-being and career.

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